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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book A (Red)


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  • By John W. Schaum
  • Piano Book
  • Grade: 1

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Tradisi yang telah lama dihormati kini menjadi lebih baik! John W. Schaum Piano Course – Leading to Mastery of the Instrument.

Content :

Outlining Hands (Correlating fingers with staff names)
Sight Reading Discovery
Sight Reading Drills
Five-finger Position in C Major — The Woodchuck
Phrase Development — Snug as a Bug in a Rug
How to Count — Hannah from Montana
Rhythmic Development — Crunchy Flakes
Musical Terms — Swinging Along
Half Steps and Whole Steps (Sharps, Flats and Naturals)
Accidentals — Tick-Tack-Toe
Five-finger Position in G Major — A Nutty Song
Crescendo and Diminuendo — How to Transpose — Down in a Coal Mine
Andante and Review — The Kangarooster
Music Appreciation — Beethoven — Bells Are Ringing
Arm Phrasing Touch — Steady Eddie
Bringing Out the Melody — The Goofy Gopher
Extended Right Hand Position — The Dandy Lion
Left Hand Development — Captain Silver
Piano Quiz No. 1
Transposing — Jumping Beans
Technique — Warm-Ups
Memorization — The Snake Dance
Major Scale Pattern
Scale Writing
C Major Scale (Ascending) — The Escalator
Broken Chords and the Triad — The Sphinx
Five-finger Position in F Major — Tune of the Tuna Fish
Extended R.H. Position in F Major — Which Is Witch?
Contrast in Music
Reading Notes as Well as Finger Numbers — Brahms’ Lullaby
A Recital Piece
Left Hand Accompaniment Patterns — Riding on a Mule
Five-finger Position in D Major — Cycles
Common Time
Extended R.H. Position in D Major — The Movies
Intervals: The Third — At the Ice Cream Counter
New Hand Position (B-flat Major) — The Picnic
The Pianoforte and Fortissimo — The Life Guard
Staccato Study — The Steam Iron
Hand Position: Key of A Major — The Pet Shop
Repertoire — The Rodeo
The Dotted Quarter Note in 4/4 Time — Motorcycle Police
The Dotted Quarter Note in 3/4 Time — Schubert’s Waltz
Reversible Melody — A Musical Trick / The Cheerleader
Changing Keys — Birthday Greetings
Piano Quiz No. 2
Certificate of Promotion

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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book A (Red)
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