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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book C (Purple)


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  • By John W. Schaum
  • Piano Book
  • Grade: 2
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Tradisi yang telah lama dihormati kini menjadi lebih baik! John W. Schaum Piano Course – Leading to Mastery of the Instrument.

Content :

Sight Reading Drills (Leger Lines)
Radio and the Classics — Come On, RangersRossini
The American Folk Song — Camptown RacesStephen Foster
March Tempo — Puppets on ParadeOesten
Left Hand Technic — Swimming Under Water
Mood in Music — A.M. and P.M.Grieg and Chopin
The Folk Dance — MazurkaSaint-Saëns
Harmonious Blacksmith Theme — Handel BarsHandel
The Three B’s — Bach, Beethoven and Brahms
Arpeggio Triplet Study — Throwing Paper Airplanes
Contrast in Touches — Air MailMendelssohn
Tonal Expression — It Was in the Good Old SummertimeSpindler
Left Hand Wrist Staccato — Robert the RobotOesten
Song of the West — Git Along, Little Dogies
Nationalism in Music — From Pole to Pole (Chopin to Paderewski)
Grace Notes (Struck Together) — Chinese SerenadeFliege
Grace Notes (Struck Separately) — Sun Dial WaltzChopin
Schaum Piano Quiz No. 1
Key of A-flat Major — The Pelican
Mexican Folk Song — EstrellitaPonce
Left Hand Melodic Study — Shadows on the MoonSchumann
Explanation of Opus — Star of MidnightDvorák
Beethoven’s Pupils — Gertrude and Elizabeth
Two-Two Time Alla Breve — Working at the Tool Bench
Cross Hand Accompaniment — Just a Song at TwilightMolloy
Importance of Slow Practice — Wild Goose Chase
The Trill — The Cold ShowerGrieg
A Musical Form — Lilac Time SerenadeSchubert
The Turn — One Good Turn Deserves Another
A Latin American Dance — Mexican Hat Dance
Recital Piece — Dangerous JourneyKoelling
Tchaikowsky’s Friend — To a Charming Senorita
Excerpt from a Mozart Sonata — Wishing Well
Broken Chord Study — Hawaiian Love SongTruax
Schaum Piano Quiz No. 2
Certificate of Promotion
Schaum Music Dictionary

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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book C (Purple)
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