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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book E (Violet)


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  • By John W. Schaum
  • Piano Book
  • Grade: 3
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Tradisi yang telah lama dihormati kini menjadi lebih baik! John W. Schaum Piano Course – Leading to Mastery of the Instrument.

Content :

Rhythm Drills
Finger Staccato Study — The Globe TrotterGautier
Chime Effects — The Angelus BellSibelius
Scale Passages — Deer at Winter Feeding PlaceBeethoven
Rural Dance Form — Barnyard JamboreeBaumfelder
Melody Playing — Summer MoonFibich
Finger Dexterity — The ChaseLichner
Tremolo — “1812” Overture (Excerpt)Tchaikowsky
Left Hand Rotation — Log-Rolling ContestKoelling
Whole Tone Harmony — Stratosphere Man
A Norwegian Composer — Starlight over NorwayGrieg
Sentiment in Music — I Love TheeGrieg
Gypsy Rhythm — Camp of the GypsiesBehr
Glissando — Sliding on a Rainbow
Legato Melody with Staccato Accompaniment — Wild Horse CanyonConcone
The Mordent (Plain and Inverted) — GavotteGluck
Pep Rally March — The Track MeetJ. F. Wagner
Opera Theme — The Bullfighters’ MarchBizet
Oratorio Theme — The Shepherd and His Sheep (from Messiah)Handel
Arpeggio Study (Thumb Under) — Up the Airy MountainStreabbog
Staccatissimo Touch — Pappy’s PolkaStrauss
Musical Emotion — Purple SunsetLiszt
The Waltz as an Art Form — Crystal BallroomChopin
Tenuto — The Postage StampCzerny
The Soft Pedal — Magic Carpet of DreamsDebussy
The Barcarolle Form — Theme from OberonWeber
Velocity Study — Thirty Seconds to GoKoelling
Reading a Vocal Accompaniment — Merry Widow WaltzLehar
Passing Left Hand over Right — Pass the Sugar, Please
How to Turn a Page of Music — News FlashesBehr
Alternating Finger Study — Crazy Quilt
Depicting Nature in Music — Fingal’s CaveMendelssohn
Schaum Piano Quiz
Schaum Music Dictionary
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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book E (Violet)
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