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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book F (Brown)


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  • By John W. Schaum
  • Piano Book
  • Grade: 4
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Tradisi yang telah lama dihormati kini menjadi lebih baik! John W. Schaum Piano Course – Leading to Mastery of the Instrument.

Contents :

Refresher Drill Cards
Slavonic Folk Rhythm — Clog DanceDvorák
Painting and Music — The Great Gates of KievMoussorgsky
A Chopin Etude — With Love in My Heart
Ethelbert Nevin and American Music — Water CarnivalBarchetta
Melody (Stems Down) and Accompaniment (Stems Up) both in Right Hand — Men and Mice
Melody (Stems Up) and Accompaniment (Stems Down) both in Right Hand — Mice and Men
Accenting First Note of Each Beat — SurfboardingLichner
Octave Study — Clicking ClockKullak
Learning to Compose by Imitation — Moszkowski’s Serenade
Moszkowski’s Influence on Victor Herbert — Herbert’s Serenade
A Finger Twister — A Feather in the BreezeBohm
Theme from Les Preludes by Liszt — Black Water in the Moonlight
Staccacto Etude — Perpetual CommotionRubinstein
Symphonic Theme — Lonely DreamsTchaikowsky
The Double Dot — Dancing DollPoldini and Oesten
Nine-Eight Meter — At DaybreakGodard
Schumann’s First Opus — Theme on the Name “Abegg”
Rubato Playing — MinuetBolzoni
A Study in Style — Old English Court DanceHandel
Quintuplet Note Groups — Gypsy ViolinsSchaum
Rubinstein as a Teacher — A Waltz by Rubinstein
Josef Hofmann as a Pupil — A Waltz by Josef Hofmann
Clarity and Phrasing — Border PatrolHeller
The Double Sharp — Scherzo from Midsummer Night’s DreamMendelssohn
The Double Flat — Spinning SpokesLavellee
How to Play Two Against Three — Your Eyes Are StarsMendelssohn
Edward MacDowell and American Music — The Witch Hazel StickMacDowell
Recital Piece — Rink QueenDurand
Schaum Piano Quiz
Schaum Music Dictionary
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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book F (Brown)
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