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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book G (Amber)


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  • By John W. Schaum
  • Piano Book
  • Grade: 5
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Tradisi yang telah lama dihormati kini menjadi lebih baik! John W. Schaum Piano Course – Leading to Mastery of the Instrument.

Content :

Latin American Rhythm — BoleroSanders
Concert Transcription — Pop! Goes the WeaselJohn W. Schaum
Description of the Sonata Form
Example of the Sonata — Riverboat SonataJohn W. Schaum
First Movement
Second Movement
Third Movement
A Left Hand Composition — The Enchanted WaltzZichy
Melodic Flow — My Smile You PreferredLack
The Humoresque Form — The Egyptian MagicianLevine
The Concert Waltz — When the Charms of Spring AwakenMoszkowski
A Musical Legend — The Erl KingSchubert
Technical Development for the Left Hand — Sing Me a Love SongLoeschhorn
Descriptive Recital Piece — Happy Haunting GroundWilm
Modern Russian Composer — Flickering ShadowsProkofiev
Consonance and Dissonance — The Years Make You DearerJohn W. Schaum
The Use of Folk Music by the Great Composers — Hungarian Dance No. 7Brahms
The Use of Classical Music by Modern Song Writers — Rainbow FantasyChopin
The Concerto and the Cadenza — Norwegian ConcertoGrieg
Schaum Piano Quiz
Certificate of Promotion
Schaum Music Dictionary

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John Schaum : Piano Course – Book G (Amber)
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