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Solo & Accompaniment for Guitar Book 1

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  • Editor/Author: J.Png
  • Book : 1
  • Category: Guitar
  • Publisher: Rhythm MP
  • Order No.: MSJ-7001-01
  • Bar Code: 9 556811101517
  • Total Pages: 60


The Guitar like the Piano is a complete instrument, being both melodic and harmonic. Therefore, no study of the guitar would be complete if a student has not learnt the art of Solo Guitar performance, which is, the ability to play a melody with the accompanying harmony all by himself. This aspect of guitar playing has been recognised as being technically demanding, and many an amateur guitarist has been put off by the many laborious technical exercises involved.

In this book “Solo & Accompaniment Guitar”, the aim is forst to make the process of learning the guitar a meaningful and enjoyable experience by introducing the guitar as an instrument for accompaniment. The beginner is first taught how to accompany songs and to play simple tunes. This easier aspect of guitar playing will give him a sense of achievement, and eventually he will be encouraged, through carefully thought-out and tuneful exercise to advance to the mastery of the guitar as a solo instrument.

In the course of learning the art of accompaniment the student will have developed note and chord recognition, the basic skills of the left and right hands, and strength and agility in his fingers. These will provide him with a general grounding on technique when he progresses to learning Solo Guitar, which is the eventual object of this series of books. The techniques taught in holding and playing of the instrument follow the “Classical Guitar’ method, perhaps more appropriately termed as the “Finger Style” method.

This is a “practice appriach” book to guitar playing. From the outset the student is taught how to handle the instrument and play. Introduction of the elements of notation has been deferred interntionally until such knowledge is required for further study. Textual material on the theory of music is reduced to a minimum; hence the book is best used with a teacher as a guide. However, the student who is not too particular about going into the intricacies of musical theory will find the diagrams and notes sufficient to guide him along on the practical aspect of playing.

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